Tree Safety & Inspection Services

Tree Removal is a major decision and should not be undertaken lightly. Often there are less drastic measures that can be taken. Having a tree safety and risk assessment administered by an arborist is highly recommended. To properly perform, an arborist must have an extensive background in biology, tree mechanics, and tree structure that is equal parts academic and field knowledge. It takes years of experience and study to recognize and correctly diagnose the subtle signs trees exhibit before their failure, whether it be partial or total.


This often begins with a visual inspection which is followed up as necessary with soundings, core testing, and/or other detection means. Each tree is examined and evaluated according to several factors including species type, size, vigor, injuries present, root and grade disturbance, deadwood, location and extent of decay, stem taper, exposure, and targets that are at risk.


The last thing we want to do is remove a tree from your property. Unless we deem it necessary for safety concerns, we will exhaust all other efforts to try to remedy the situation rather than perform a tree removal. Often times with strategic pruning we are able to save your tree from becoming wood chips.

Contact our tree experts today and ask us about our free safety audit and general assessment of your property today.

Chances are that we may be able to spot a potential issue that may save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars!