Free Safety Audit

There is no such thing as trees that are perfectly safe. All trees have the potential to fail, either partially or catastrophically. Fail rates increase dramatically during inclement weather conditions. Trees in close proximity to homes, roads, sidewalks, businesses, play areas, pet runs, parking, or other inhabited regions are labeled hazardous by the industry. The role of a responsible arborist is to assess the risk posed by a tree in such situations, communicate the results to the client and develop a proper tree care strategy based on sound scientific principles.

Both Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA has experienced very harsh weather in recent years, from rain storms, tornados, hail storms, even hurricanes. These storms pose a great risk to your property both cosmetically as well as structurally. Insurance companies are routinely working with homeowners repairing damage caused by these storms. Storm Damage is the leading cause for trees to fail, and when they fail more times than less it involves your home or car.

Let Hometown Tree Care provide you with a safety assessment of your property to ensure that you are safe from the dangers lurking on your property high up in your trees.

Call us today for a free tree safety audit and assessment. Let us point out the hidden dangers you may not be aware of and work with you to remedy the problems.